Empowering Victorians through legal knowledge

We were approached by the Victoria Law Foundation to update their current annual report identity design to be modern, professional, and informative. We created a template that is easy to understand and visually engaging for their audiences.


The Victoria Law Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Melbourne, Australia. It was established in 1967 by an Act of the Victorian Parliament to promote public understanding and access to the law. The Foundation’s mission is to improve legal knowledge and access to justice in the community through education, research, and grant programs. It aims to increase community awareness of legal issues and support initiatives that improve access to justice for all Victorians, particularly those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.


We designed an annual report that is well-organised and easy to navigate, with clear section headings and a balance of text, charts, and images. The design features a modern sans-serif font that is both professional and approachable. The use of high-quality photographs and graphics highlights the company’s achievements and creates an authentic connection with the reader. Color is also used effectively to draw attention to important information.