Designing solutions for Marine Excellence

We were tasked with designing Incat Crowther’s company profile, highlighting their services, completed design projects, and award-winning pedigree.


Incat Crowther is an Australian naval architecture firm that specialises in the design of commercial and passenger vessels. The company’s expertise spans across various types of vessels, including ferries, crew boats, patrol boats, luxury yachts, and offshore support vessels. Incat Crowther’s clients include shipyards, boat builders, and operators from around the world. The company is known for its innovative and efficient designs that prioritize safety, comfort, and environmental sustainability.


Our design approach was centered on conveying Incat’s brand identity through a modern and minimalist aesthetic. We believe that this was the most effective way to showcase their boats as the hero of the design, while also emphasizing their brand values and identity. We chose to use high-quality photography to visually communicate the quality and craftsmanship of their boats, while also keeping the layouts clean and uncluttered to maintain a modern and polished look.
To further enhance the impact of the design, we incorporated a subtle line element to create visual interest and guide the viewer’s attention.