Showcasing a dark dreamworld

We were approached to create a Brand Portfolio and website to promote and showcase a new show production from Broad Encounters called A Midnight Visit. We are proud of the brand identity and website we have created for A Midnight Visit. Successfully reflecting the show’s themes and helping engage and attract visitors to the performance.


“A Midnight Visit” is an immersive theatre show that takes the audience on a journey through a surreal and mysterious world. It is an interactive experience where the audience becomes part of the story, following a series of clues and encountering a range of characters and scenarios. This show is an innovative and engaging form of theatre that blurs the boundaries between performance and reality, leaving audiences with a lasting impression.


We have created a brand identity for A Midnight Visit that draws inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic themes. The masquerade theme, feathers, and birds were the key elements we used to push a dark and gothic edge. Our goal was to create a visually intriguing and recognizable visual identity that reflects the dark and mysterious nature of the performance.