Experience something higher

We were briefed by The Rise Bondi to create a brand identity and website that focuses on creating a sense of balance and harmony between relaxed beachside living and refined sophistication, whilst also showcasing the unique lifestyle experience that awaits residents.


The Rise is a luxury apartment complex that combines relaxed beachside living with refined sophistication. Designed to be the most livable, coveted and best-built apartments in Bondi. These apartments draw inspiration from nature itself…the rising of the sun at dawn and the setting of the sun at dusk.


With this branding project, we wanted to showcase the unique lifestyle experience that awaits residents at this destination, from the laid-back vibe of the beach to the elegant and refined living spaces. The brand’s visual identity is a reflection of this balance, incorporating both natural and sophisticated elements. The logo is simple and memorable, with the colour palette including soft, calming hues that evoke the beach and ocean, paired with a memorable shape element that conveys the movement of the ocean next door.