Reimaging ReStreet

Filter was challenged by ReStreet to create a strong brand identity that reflects their values, personality, and expertise, and differentiates them from their competition. Helping them attract new clients who share their passion for urban renewal and development, and position ReStreet as a leader in the property development industry in Sydney.


ReStreet is a dynamic and rapidly expanding development company located in Sydney. They are a group of driven professionals with a passion for urban renewal across various property sectors, and they provide a complete development solution.


ReStreet’s brand identity was carefully crafted to reflect their desired attributes of simplicity, modernity, and uniqueness. The use of a Serif font, Miller Banner added a touch of modernity to the logo while also ensuring legibility and clean lines within the body copy of the website. By combining these elements and large architectural imagery, we were able to create ReStreet has created a cohesive and memorable brand identity that effectively communicates their values and personality to their audience.