A long-term brand identity​

Mulga Capital approached us to create a brand identity and website with a focus on the themes of resilience, endurance, and long-term investment.


Mulga is an investment firm that invests in businesses for the long term, offering vendors the four L’s to assist them in achieving their business and personal goals. The Mulga tree is highlighted as an Australian native tree with a reputation for hardiness, resilience, and endurance, capable of surviving the toughest of conditions for up to 300 years. The firm aims to emulate the versatility, durability, and hardiness of the Mulga tree.


The logo for Mulga Capital is simple yet visually striking. We incorporated the image of a Mulga tree in a modern and stylish way, using a minimalist design. The font choice was bold and legible, representing the strength and stability of the company. The color scheme included shades of green and brown to represent the natural beauty and resilience of a Mulga tree.