Scale to new heights

We built a modern, contemporary brand and website for Alpin Private Equity. Refreshing their existing brand for printed collateral, and bringing their site to life with a professional but slick design aesthetic, including custom animations.


A partner with the power to deliver. Alpin builds private equity portfolios on a global scale. For over 20 years, we have focused on delivering strong returns for our investors and built a long track record through multiple market cycles.


We created an iconic new brand mark for Alpin symbolising the ‘Scaling to new heights’ philosophy.
By using mountain imagery and a clean, modern design to evoke a sense of nature and adventure, we were able to create a unique brand in the current stark private equity landscape.

The website included interactive elements and dynamic graphics to create a sense of movement and energy. This element was used to set the brand apart from competitors and reinforce the idea of scaling new heights.


We introduced a new brand language with a fresh, vibrant, ’unique’ colour palette, bold and distinctive block colours, playful and dynamic iconography, and photography that celebrates the power of relationships and ‘teamwork’ in contexts inside and outside the workplace, demonstrating how the platform supports and empowers progressive ‘working life’.